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05-27-2013, 01:47 PM
@ hayabusa... warped in to Qo'Nos yesterday (in my Dhelan) to find a wall of D'dexes.

Anyhow, in my fleet (we consider both our FED and KDF fleets as 1) there's a vast decline of playing at the KDF side. To add to that i'm one of the few so far to side with the KDF. Reason for this is that our FED base is near T5 while the KDF base is only near to T3.

Good thing is most FED's have their first rommy at 50 and starting their reps. Once that's sorted most of them plan on doing a KDF one.

So basically i think numbers will decline hard at first, but level out gradually once the LoR buzz runs out and everybody returns to their favourite blend of grind.