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05-28-2013, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by drlirio View Post
I agree. I should not have to repeat that horrible grind... i have 7 chars, one has tier V rep on both reputation systems, the rest don't and I don't think they will, ever.

Now with the new expansion we get another reputation system... this is getting more and more boring and not fun. Three reputation systems to grind for each character? Sorry, it is not going to happen, i won't do that, no way. I'll quit the game before doing that.

Cryptic, get this: The more characters I have, the more money I will spend on zen, buying toys for all of them. Now, with the reputation as it is... toys for one, maybe two... so no ships, costumes, boffs, keys, or anything from the Z-Store for the rest of characters, nice move!.

And the new expansion... I might create one romulan character... not going to create more, and not going to spend my money on that faction because i only have one character. Same with klingons... I have one char and no intention of creating another one or spend any money on that faction... because of the rep system. I have not played my klingon char almost since the rep system came alive. You could have saved much work on the new expansion... many people won't even give it a chance if this rep system stays at it is... they will quit the game as i probably will.

I'm not even going to comment on epooh tagging. Cryptic, you should be ashamed of what you are doing to Trek... admirals running behind bunnies and making it by far the best way to obtain romulan marks, that's just amazing! Guess what, never done it, never will... new Romulus is not in the star chart for me... keep boring me, i'll keep holding my money in my hands and not buying any zen until i'm bored enough to quit the game.
This, this, this!

In Season 6 I played all my 12 toons about equally, now most of them just farm Dilithium, which I use for the three I have "repped up". I now do more farming than playing most days.

I suppose the only good point is I can get every new ship, weapon and toy without ever spending any real money.
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