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05-28-2013, 06:33 AM
after that incident last night where accounts were unable to authenticate.
and after logging in today to find 3 fleet members talking about how they paid for legacy pack and never got it (big waste of money)

and then trying to do a PvE queue mission and discovering that the auto leave bug is STILL THERE.

AND after reading the fail Cryptic is doing in Neverwinter (yeah..rollbacks, closed auction house with no way to get your items out and so on)

pretty clear STO, or to be more specific, CRYPTIC games, are not worth this hassle.

they dont know what they're doing, all thier games are bugg ridden(STO still has buggs from FKING LAUNCH, neverwinter isnt even officially released and players running from it)

STO had potential, thats why i stayed. with the foundry and space/ground combat combo, the game could have lasted a long time.
but with Cryptic not fixing the bugs, making new bugs, ignoring factions in favor of the bigger factions, not much endgame 3 years after launch, no pvp, and in general havign a customer support that doesnt listen to you but instead makes things up and says we said it.

heck the bugs should have been fixed ON TRIBBLE. the patches tested ON TRIBBLE. THATS THE POINT OF TRIBBLE.

i'm sorry but no...just no.
EVE Online being installed as i speak, Star Citizen game bookmarked for when it goes into open beta.

Star Citizen, the death of STO (actually STO is the death of STO)

wonder when perfect world will realize just how bad Cryptic is, probably when they get on one of the games and asks a player instead of listening to Cryptic's report.

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