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So, the question is does this latest hiccup finally push you to another game or are you too invested or too big of a fan to throw in the towel?
"Legacy of Romulus" does a mess of things right, and it also does a mess of things wrong. Even though the emergency maintenance is a slight issue, the "Legacy of Romulus'" problem resides with intense limited options.

First, unlike the Federation and KDF factions, the Romulan faction is limited to one free ship 'option' per rank. Subadmiral I is the only rank in which you get to choose from three different free ships. You have to spend a ton of dilithium to purchase an allied faction's ship.

Second, as a result of being restricted in options, the player also cannot customize how their Romulan ship looks. Players can change a ship's color and markings; however, the number of interchangeable pieces are almost nonexistent. Cryptic has also limited players to one type of bridge.

Third, the ability to buy different rarity types of bridge officers does not exist. I could be wrong with this observation. I was only able to see the ability to buy common bridge officers.

Fourth, the Romulan c-store ships are very limited. Players are given three options: (1) buy the limited one free ship, (2) buy the limited one free ship's retrofit, or (3) buy a ship from your allied faction. Until players hit the rank of Subadmiral I, the ability to choose between Romulan styled escorts, cruisers, and science vessels does not exist.

Here is the kicker... While I am very happy with the new faction, I do not have the patience to see it become fleshed out. I have played "Star Trek: Online" for about a year and a half. I have also spent around $280 on zen purchases. Cryptic did a fantastic job on "Legacy of Romulus'" environments, story, clothing options, and interfaces. All the core elements are in place.

So, what is the big deal?

After I finally got to level 45, I decided to take a quick look ahead. I am eager to buy my level 50 c-store ship. Only one problem, since I am a diehard fan of the Armitage, the only Romulan alternative is a horribly designed (recycled) Mogai. I hate it.

Second, once I completed the new Romulan missions, I played through the old Romulan featured episodes. While I do love how Cryptic tied things together, I lost all passion once the Romulan story was over. As a result of playing the Cardassian, Borg, Breen, and Spectre missions a million times, I was suddenly hit with a large wall of boredom. So, I used the Mirror Universe event to bring my avatar to level 45.

...and, then I just stopped.

"Star Trek: Online" is worth the money and time, for as long as you restrict your playtime to at least a year. You have to be suffering from game addiction, loneliness, and obsessive compulsive behavior to play it for long periods. Since most of the player's game time is dedicated to repetitive tasks, the only individuals who will play "Star Trek: Online" forever are obsessive completionists. You just have to know your limitations. Know when to pull the plug.

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