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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Ya you can go faster. Seriously... just get to the stuff that needs blowing up fast and kill in before Mr Faw racks up a ton of "DPS" off it. lol

Beams have the better pve aoe skill... its true.

The thing is WHO cares what your Damage Per Second is averaged out over a STF or a PvP match.

We are pvpers and Forcing people to respawn is sort of what we should care about.

Honestly there is a lot of people that would be well served to just delete there parsing programs, there not helping them. lol

There is only one question that you need to ask yourself in regard to a PvP build...

"How long will it take me to deliver More dmg then my target has hull"

Now if the answer to that isn't fast enough to negate peoples healing cycles... then you have problems.. The kind of problems that COULD possibly lead you to the terrible Parser philosophy that may well see you racking up 1mil+ dmg on a score board... and still loosing matches. lol

{on the note of cycles... if people would watch buffs on targets a little more they would become much more effective. I still see people that consider themselves to be good pvpers who are obviously not paying to much attention to who they are shooting at.}

At this point if you are flying a non support ship... and honestly even if you are. There is no real excuse to not have a build that can have a stradagy to burst someone down. Now not every build will be able to do that every 30s... but really even a healing build can be setup to be able to deliver that "alpha shock" every 3min or so.
Kind of like when you look at the scoreboard, and you've got the middle damage numbers, lowest heals, but your win/loss puts in the #1 slot? (i.e. most actual KILLS.)

I remember one game where, at the end of it, there was a Fed on the other side who had put down a LOT of raw damage numbers, but didn't have but one kill the entire match.
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