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Klingons win melee hands down. The "Honorable Warrior" required trait gives them +15% melee and + 15% critical severety, physical strength gives them +15% more melee, aggressive for +5% more melee, acute senses + covert traits for 20% more exploit damage, and lucky for critical hit chance. If you throw in advanced fleet armor you can get another 20% more melee damage. Toss in 3 purple security duty officers for critical hit chance and severety for a grand total of +55% melee damage, +20% exploit damage, +27% critical hit chance, and +115% critical severety. And that is without adding a few other things I can think of if your character is a tactical officer. Gorn characters don't come anywhere close to the amount of damage a klingon can do with melee.
I disagree Humans would be slightly more in melee with thier Intelligence and leadership skills give them the best in melee combat.Humans would just need to stick phaser in your chest and vaporize you.You can't trust human face to face.
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