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# 1 T4 ships for sci
05-28-2013, 03:05 PM
One of my romulans is a sci captain, allied with the KDF. I really dislike the Romulan T5 science ship (its the same size as the Vo'quv), and am looking to get a T4 ship from the KDF that is more enjoyable. I already have the Scourge Destroyer with the Plasmonic Leech console and its a great ship, hell I am even using it with my level 50 missions and having no problems with it, but I want something that is more science-oriented.

The obvious ship is the Draguas. Remember that I cant get the Fleet or Retrofit T5 versions, and have to stay with the T4 ship. Is the T4 ship any good to fly, or does everybody just buy it for the Aceton Assimilators and delete the ship? Turn-rate of 13 makes it better than the Rommie Warturd, but the rest of the stats are meh--weak on Aux power, missing a console slot, etc. Is this a competitive ship?

Another possibility is the Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser, but I'm concerned with the layout. Lt and ensign sci boff stations, no sensor analysis to help with damage, and no subsystem targeting to pop shields and engine off-line. No real benefit to Sci captains at all and would have to rely on my inherent abilities for everything. Can it even mount cannons, or is it beam only? I bet its an awesome ship for an engi, probably even great with a tac, but is it even worth buying for sci captain?