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05-28-2013, 02:31 PM
I think you should do the mission before it gets "nerfed". I did it at about the OP's level in the D'Deridex (the free one) and I only needed to respawn twice. The thing is to remember that the big "D" is not an escort. Use 3 BA, 1 torp. fore and 2 BA, 1 torp. aft. That aft torpedo, on autofire, will make enemies that "jump" behind you wish they had stayed where they were. Use hit and run tactics. Cloak early, cloak often. It took nearly two hours but when I was a new player (a year ago) I spent that much time fighting fewer enemies as a fed (IRW Rea and mogai anybody?). I have no idea who defeated "the command ship" because I saw more than one. I spent a good twenty minutes fighting one of them, then spent another twenty minutes fighting a dreadnaught. The rest of my time was spent fighting support craft,escorts and frigates. I dragged (they chased me) enemies all the way back to near the starting point and by the time I made it back to where I should have been the fight was over. It was epic and imho one of the best missions in the whole game on any side. The feds and klingons don't get to have this much fun. The closest thing to this mission on the klingon side is the Fek'Ihr Kar'fi and its support craft. Just remember an aft torpedo, no cannons, and don't try to kill the mob all at once. Own it, and have fun before they take it away.