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05-28-2013, 03:56 PM
d'dreidex is probably the easiest one to do it in, load up on hull eaters, plasma. fill eng slots with heals (recommend epts1x2, rsp1x2, auxto struct2. and last slot whatever, i used aceton beam 2) and run when necessary. HE1 and 2 for the sci, tt 1 and 2 for tac

along with the singularity abilities makes a very tough deri to kill.

i worked the edges until the last wave, then pulled the command ship out of the pack and killed it while allies kept the rest occupied. no deaths. i did run away a lot, heal up, come back in, was a long mission. at least until i got the command ship alone, after that is was just a matter of wearing it down. by itself it's not so uber
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