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05-28-2013, 10:02 PM
AO a game that is well over a decade old has both FPS and Behind the head third view. you can toggle them or you can scroll in and out as need be. First person in that game is not even a required feature for combat since combat in that game is auto target and stand in one spot and mash the fire button. But there is the option to do FPS if the player prefers it. STO removing a working feature made the game controls bad, and bad controls make a bad game. It creates a new difficulty that is NOT and I repeat NOT a good difficulty like getting 1 shot killed by a boss special attack or enemy hitpoints are high so it makes it hard. No bad control difficulty just makes the game frustrating to move around in and kills any enjoyment.

Third person over the shoulder has 1 single purpose for third person games. it allows the player to see something to be able to select it such as a counter full of items that can be picked up verses the NPC you want to talk to. It makes it simpler to select the NPC rather than everything else by allowing you to see exactly what you are targeting. and combat is pure auto aim hit the skill buttons with a mouse without needing to move unless something big is in the way.

STO combat is not that. You need to be able to move quickly and precisely quite often unless you enjoy getting knocked down by grenades, stand in the middle of plasma, or get the lame flanking damage. This is not and stand and fire at whatever the auto aim chooses. Thus directly behind cam is preferable becauyse it is much easier to maneuvar in third when the character is centered, and far far better to do so in FPS mode. thats with auto aim turned on!

Now If like me you play FPS games and do not enjoy auto aim then you shut it off altogether, use hotkeys for skills and manualy aim in FPS view. STO had reasonable ground doing that, not the best but not really the worst. Only hassle was taking the time to redo the option every time you loaded a new zone. It was fun, it was doable, It was far and away preferable to over the shoulder can no longer correctly aim garbage forced upon us.

Simply fixing the option so it remains or leave it as it was was the only choice. Instead they created a really bad one and just removed the feature. And it was the only choice because removing a working feature should never be a choice ever.

For the record, the forced upon camera has gotten me killed an everage of 10 times per day because my character gets stuck on something when I am trying to get to cover. When i played "Cutting the Cord" 3 days ago i died 15 times trying to play with over the shoulder. Stairs that require ease of control, and the debris at the end. both sections i kept getting stuck on something and couldnt move unless i went 1 way and that meant i was not paying attention to what I was fighting. Did the same mission the first time in FPS and died 2 times and one of them was my own fault for charging into a crowd of tal shiar. 1 death in FPS mode manual targeting by enemy fire, or 15 in over the shoulder auto aim and manual just made the mission not worth the time and effort.