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05-28-2013, 11:55 PM
Assuming you are going for a fairly balanced build, here's my thoughts on the traits...

For Space, Accurate and Elusive are rather handy. Techie is a bit of a waste, as it only gives +10 Hull Repair; seeing as how it only costs 1k Skill Points per pip, just kick that up directly in your Skills. Instead take Warp Theorist, which increases both EPS and Warp Core Potential by +10, and which cost 2k Skill Points per pip. A better value. Crippling Fire is a cool skill as well, but only take Last Ditch Effort if you spend a lot of time at 50% or less hull (without exploding), as GDF now has the hull gate.

For Ground, I would suggest both Situational Awareness and Strike Team Specialist, and be sure to run with a weapon that has an Exploit secondary fire mode. As a Human (see pre-LoR Leadership and Teamwork), you allow your team to do increased Exploit damage; having your grenades expose your targets to allow for Exploit damage is a wonderful synergy. Strike Team Specialist... between it and Lucky you should be evilly crit-happy, especially if you also go crit option for the Romulan Reputation tree as well. Round out with Covert to kit a Close Combat Specialist or Operative, Soldier to kit a Fire Team or Squad Leader.

Now, if you want a little more Ground defense, try switching traits over to Mental Discipline and/or Stubborn; both also add a nice little clicky power that allows you to escape the appropriate control powers early, in addition to their innate resistances.

In any case, there is one very nice feature of the Genetic Resequencers to be aware of: they include a trait respec token as well as the trait unlock. Personally, the traits in them are of minimal use compared to my other options, but getting up to four additional trait respecs by using all four types of Genetic Resequencer is very nice indeed. They come from the Tal Shiar Lock Box, and can also be found for sale on the Exchange.

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