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05-29-2013, 05:26 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, point remains with regards to using the cannons and the Quantum Focus phaser - they'll still benefit from the increased Aux that is possible from equipping Overcharged warp cores, but even if you don't use the Overcharged warp core, they still do VERY nice DPS for what is essentially a sci ship with tactical leanings.

I have my Vesta running at 130 Aux, with the cannons fitted - best DPS I've ever done in a sci ship, and the bonus it offers to the Quantum focus Phaser is very nice too - use that on an unshielded ship and boy are they going to know about it!
So, you think using the AuxDHC x 3 upfront with the KCB and maybe Fleet Phaser Turrets x 2 in back would be good? What would you recommend power levels at?

This is what I have worked up so far:

Any recommendations? Also, any Warp Core thoughts?

I assumewith this build the use of Sub-System Targeting isn't used (no beamarray...unless you count the Quantum Beam)?

Thanks again for help.