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Originally Posted by frasier13 View Post
So, you think using the AuxDHC x 3 upfront with the KCB and maybe Fleet Phaser Turrets x 2 in back would be good? What would you recommend power levels at?

This is what I have worked up so far:

Any recommendations? Also, any Warp Core thoughts?

I assumewith this build the use of Sub-System Targeting isn't used (no beamarray...unless you count the Quantum Beam)?

Thanks again for help.
the quantum beam is pretty useless, even with full aux and phaser consoles. so is sub system targeting.

run your powers 130 in aux, 15-15 in engie and shields, and the rest should go to weapons (I have 100+ in weapons this way too).
whether the aux cannon setup could work, is questionable, but it is cheap, as you dont have to buy front weaps, and it is uniqe.

for warpcore get an overcharged a->w

changed skillplan

I added changes to your skillset. you dont need viral matrix (nor grav well, but I wont take it out. you gonna want to cycle EPTW. RSP is a must, and you dont want to divert power with an aux2x boff skill. changed CSV to CRF, there isnt much point in CC, with EP2E, buffing the borg, and you dont want attention.

moved up your tachio converter to eng, do not waste tac slots on universal consoles, added leech (it is a must). changed one other field gen, for a romulan threat scalign console (I suggest + threat, but its your choice)
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