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Alyosha nodded politely at the Pentaxian's toast, though of course he had no glass with which to reciprocate.

"I'm glad to know your officer made it back fairly safely. The shock may set in over time, though." Alyosha knew what he was talking about; he'd sensed it in traumatized crew members before--including the five from the attack in the mess hall. He wasn't sure, however, if I'sH'd recognized that--or perhaps found the acknowledgment of such difficulties to be shameful. "Hopefully he'll seek support if he needs it."

"Yurass..." Having learned his English from an American scientist, he couldn't help hearing the one name broken into two very distinct, very descriptive components. "I'm not surprised. He actually threatened to impound the Chin'toka for 'parking' illegally in his planet's orbit, until he figured out that his tiny orbiters wouldn't stand a chance. I honestly worried he'd try to use our away team as collateral, until I warned him of just how large Starfleet really was. In vague terms, of course, but I made it clear what would happen if he tried to detain any of my people. I can't help but think he wanted something. That he intended to extort something much more significant from your crewmember, and from you, when you came looking. Thank God that apparently the Mu'Naii understanding of subspace communications is limited thus far, or else they could've deactivated that distress beacon.

"I can only pray that the Mu'Naii won't get any encouragement to participate further in galactic affairs," he said. "I don't mean to sound spiteful...but they found warp drive way before they were ready for it. Granted, humanity could've gone the same way, but as sad as it is, at least our Third World War forced us to take a long, hard look at ourselves." It always felt a bit odd, speaking of human heritage as though it were something he too owned--but he could at least take solace in the fact that culturally-speaking, it was true. "I would worry about a new Orion Syndicate if the Mu'Naii were to spread into space; they seem so ready to try to take ownership of other beings, even if there isn't a contract or a slave collar."

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