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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Klinky dink C-store??? You talking about the ships like the Garumba or the consoles that where originally KDF?
Im not certain how the Cstore and Klingons where designed to save PvE in STO considering the biggest complaint about the KDF playerbase is we dont spend any money on STO. Heck, even the Devs held that one against us more than once.
Just how many Klinks are there to make 88% of the populace spend money just to beat them in PvP?

So is it the consoles we had? Items that where stated from release not to be exclusive to our faction but held from the feds until they could be used as candy to sweeten a deal. Hardly a glowing sign of KDF favortism to boost fed play and spending habits.

Our Cstore ships maybe? I could see some selling well due to thier design but nothing lile the numbers of ships that have been sold to the feds.

But I hardly see how the KDF was designed to save anything or designed to draw players into PvE much less PvP considering how semi attentive the Devs have been towards us until recently.

Im thinking the Devs merely where trying to be creative and once again we KDF catch fed flack for something we did not ask and where certainly not going to complain about recieving.

So they made an error, they can fix it, but do not try to blaim thos on some conspiracy to make KDF appealing or the klingon fans happy.
They had years to do that and make money while doing it but they did not.
Dont put this on our doorstep.
I'm not assigning blame to anyone but Cryptic really. Certainly any advantage the KDF once had has long since eroded, but there was a time before cross-faction consoles, Bug ships and overall faction-blending where players had to deal with full drain teams, Grav Pulse, Tac-buffed Iso Charges, Acetons, etc.

There's a good reason STO's PvP has had such a difficult time establishing a competitive community and it's because hard rule sets have been mandatory ever since these gimmicks and consoles started to leak into FvF. I must reiterate that the vast majority of the player base has never seen these exploited to their fullest extent.

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