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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I'm not assigning blame to anyone but Cryptic really. Certainly any advantage the KDF once had has long since eroded, but there was a time before cross-faction consoles, Bug ships and overall faction-blending where players had to deal with full drain teams, Grav Pulse, Tac-buffed Iso Charges, Acetons, etc.

There's a good reason STO's PvP has had such a difficult time establishing a competitive community and it's because hard rule sets have been mandatory ever since these gimmicks and consoles started to leak into FvF. I must reiterate that the vast majority of the player base has never seen these exploited to their fullest extent.
True, yet FvF pvp was created way before the consoles, cstore pets and the bulk of the KDF cstore ships. It was asked for by the feds well before our KDF days of chessyness and for reasons far less annoying than whats been blaimed on us now.

If FvF wanted to remain cheese free then the cry for the feds to get alot of that same cheese should have never been started by the playerbase. Its no coincidence that consoles the feds wanted where often the ones put into the lockboxes.
We KDF didnt ask for the cheese iether but at a time when we had little and had long desired more and the Devs gave to us first, we where not going to say no thanks.

We where given the cheese unasked and accepted it. The feds demanded the same cheese openly. So do not blaim this on the state of the KDF cheese that the feds have benn wanting since day it arrived.

Cryptic may be at the heart but the feds where crying both to have it and how they hated it since it first arrived, but fvf came before any of it showed up and for no other reason than fed wounded pride. Not because of our nonexistant cheese at the time.

Though many have alwaus thought our cloaking to be cheese and it was the first big fed complaint that led to FvF que being created.

Lay it on Cryptics feet, not ours by design or happenstance.
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