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So, I have a female Fed-aligned Romulan science character.

She is currently level 33, and upon reaching Commander, she gets the cape option under one of the shoulder pads, the right I believe.

I also purchased the TOS Romulan uniform from the C-Store, and my little sci Character is able to have both the TOS cape and the Commander capes display at the same time. Which I like very much PLEASE don't change that.

But, here is the good part... I recently got her an EV suit that I had in my account bank, thanks to Nukara... and went to the dilithium mining asteroid in Beta Ursae.

So when I get there and activate the EV suit, BEHOLD, the Commander cape is still visibale outside the EV suit. So I had a nice little chuckle at that.

So I shrugged it off and kept going, go outside on the surface, and the cape is flowing as I'm moving around the asteroid. That's when I started laughing.

I'm not upset, just thought y'all should know.