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05-30-2013, 08:54 AM
I have given my Chimera a different approach. I am a Sci Captain....... My ship is the U.S.S. Lernaean Hydra (one of Chimeras children, the other well known one being Cerberus).

I have two Romulan Mk XII beam banks on the front with the omega plasma launcher and to top the front off a dual heavy Mk XII (romulan) plasma cannon.

On the rear i have that Romulan Experimental Beam and the Kinetic cutting beam, backing this up is the Romulan hyper plasma torpedo launcher.

I benefit as well from the tier 5 NR abilities and have the Plasma hyperflux option for the rear beam.

Shield engine and deflector are borg assimilated Mk X (still working the rep system)

Warp core is Mk XI with [SSS} [SST]

In the engineering slots i have the borg assimilated module and the Romulan zero point conduits.

I have also fitted Mk XII plasma infuser, Mk XII Ambiplasma, Space Jumper, Isometric charge, Tachykintic convertor. I find this is an awesome combination for STF and PvE, useless in PvP.....

I have the boffs set so as I have torpedo spread I II III available as well as Beam overload III and cannon rapid fire I and III. I have assigned sequences of Boff activation using the record function on the G15 keyboard....

I an very lucky in that I have both the Wells and the Mobius.. I use the Mobius for PvP and use antiproton and similar console setup to above. Would love to put my Mobius head on against my Chimera.