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05-30-2013, 08:55 AM
I have a few pointers regarding this thread .i have different types of weapon set now everything on my ship is mk12 baring tact consoles,my tact consoles are purple mk11 from phaser disruptor tetyron poleron ect ect ect .having this many sets i can always change weapon types as nothing really stays in this is a reason i will not commit to mk12 because there far to over priced and because of this your not going to run into another guy with full mk12 the chances are going to be very slim .
to commit to one weapon type would be silly because theres a lot of defenses out there to counter act your weapons so having other weapons will help you prevent this .now one thing you did not point out was what class are you and what ship do you fly these are key factors with in the game it would be pointless buying the best tact items if your ship only has 2 slots like the recluse if your sci or an eng you must take this in to account only char to benefit if anything would be a tact.
because the price is so high and the number you require for your ship it would be pointless
with new content always coming out you have many choices on how to boost your stats ect follow that path it works out cheaper.
things like rep accolades and many other things can help make sure weapons have the right stats needed for the job like acc dmg crt d crit h ect ect pvp is acc
i hope this helps those who read this thread and get a good insight