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When considering the things that downtime can do, I think it's important, from a marketing perspective, to understand the minds of your customers.

Now, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I'm willing to bet there are others who have similar thoughts about what I'm about to say, and both Cryptic and PWE should know it.

The big caveat here is that I am very much a Star Trek fan, and have been so since the original series first aired (yes, I'm among the aged group of players), and why that's important is because of the impact of the downtime.

Even though I'm a big fan of the show, the constant downtimes when I go to play STO have led me to do two things:

1: Go find another game go buy, download and play and give up on STO.
2: Write this e-mail post while the other game downloads.

Given the constant stream of downtime and updates since the launch of LoR (meaning more frequent than the normal constant stream of downtimes with STO, planned or otherwise), I've come to regard the game as something I will play if I have nothing better to do - even though I'm a huge fan of Star Trek.

And the point is that it'd make sense for you guys at Cryptic (and certainly for you money counters at PWE) to get your acts together and fix STO properly.

If it was only down one day, I could see giving that day a miss and then coming back. But people have been complaining for days about the daily "emergency maintenance" and daily ~135MB patches. And, when STO is simply not there every time I'm ready to play, I'll just go find something else - which is exactly what I've done (and you can be it's not Neverwinter - since it has the same developer and publisher, I have no reason to believe it won't face the same problems).

Note that this is not an "I quit" post. This is a "You are driving your customers away, and you need to know that" post. This is a, "You need to realize that the Star Trek name will only help you so far before people start walking away, and you need to seriously address that" post.

My suggestion? If things bug on Tribble, don't release until they're fixed. Consider the quality of the game and customer satisfaction with it over a deadline.

Finding bugs and dealing with them before a patch goes live is what Tribble is for, isn't it?

Fix things before you go live. The issue of patrol missions not progressing? That was bugged on Tribble before LoR released - and yet you let it go live. That's the kind of thing that should be handled on Tribble and not let go to Holodeck - because every time you have "emergency maintenance," you run the risk of driving yet another customer to someone else's game. It's certainly driven me to another company's game.

I thought you should know that's happening because of the daily downtime and/or patching, in case you weren't already aware.