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05-30-2013, 12:51 PM
Hearingthe "POPS" more. They have been there since release but it snow more noticable.

Sound drops out constantly. Some ambiant sound becomes very loud and the only thing you can hear. Like you wont hear weapons fire but will hear the "wind" noise. Or on new romulas all you can hear are birds chirping. From the way its coming out of the speakers it could be a 5.1 issue as well.

Whether its caused by the lag or causing the lag, it seems to be connected. The laggier the map is the worse the sound becomes.

Only area that I have not had some sort of sound issue is in sector space.

The POPS like I said have ALWAYS been in game. You used to only hear them at ESD relaibly. Ive been posting about that since 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as others have said, if you alt tab now even though you cant hear anything else you will hear the POPS. To me it sounds like a hardware related sound. If I didnt know it was in the game I would think there was a crossed wired or something plugged into the wrong connection on my system. But since I only hear the pops in STO and have for years I know things are fine on my end