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An unpleasant current of energy rippled across his skin, thankfully invisible to others, but he counted himself fortunate that he hadn't been touching anybody when it happened, or they might well have felt it. He was sure I'sH'd hadn't missed his unease, though.

Even the thought of a mindless creature at all similar to his own species attacking people was a chilling thought for him. As he had many times before, he wondered if Devidia II had been like that once, with life existing in both phases, one phase feeding on the other. It had to be a stifling life to live, where even indoors some beast might phase in and strike with no warning.

At least when I'm at home, he thought, I have the "common" courtesy not to scare the crap out of my family by phasing in too close. That family included both his foster parents and the other scientists who had helped to raise him--but he treated them as a "family" nonetheless.

I'sH'd seemed to understand more than Alyosha had suspected, though, when it came to Ensign Mitchell, and to the young man attacked on Pentaxia. "That's good to know," he replied.

It was also quite clear I'sH'd understood exactly what it was like to deal with Yur-Pain-in-the-Ass. "Somehow I doubt equitable distribution is what Yurass has in mind. Then again, forcing social change on a species--or a nation--tends to go very badly, to say the least." And with centuries of distance between himself and the end of that particular social least, if he counted the time for which he'd actually been awake, and not the time he'd spent underground in stasis...all but the most radical nutcases at home were pretty blunt about that point. "Still, I imagine it would be good for Yurass to know his behavior doesn't play well in the interstellar arena."

As for the last--Alyosha allowed himself a small laugh, and stood. "I should be on my way as well. The Chin'toka has been assigned to the Khitomer conference, too. They must figure the Klingons wouldn't expect an escort to have a science officer commanding it. Someone who can conduct surveillance on the way in."
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