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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Tribble is for finding game-breaking bugs, and testing new changes/additions, not an actual 'fix every bug' test server.

It's been that way since Open Beta, even though it's never been officially stated. And that means it's been that way for 3 years...

I do agree with your post on some level, but it's not likely to happen
Pre Pakled Worlds take over most bugs pointed out on Tribble were fixed before release so there was less problems when a season launched. Since PWE it's been push anything out the door faster then hell to meet demand and don't worry we'll try to fix it later... Guess which worked better???

On top of that, I'm not on unlimited data, that's a rare thing in my country so I am on a data cap and to download patch after patch after patch ever day with no bug fixes?? I would rather s... got fixed and download a patch then nothing getting fixed and the same broken stuff continuing with patch after patch after patch...

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