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Originally Posted by ricorosebud View Post
Better topping on your pizza: Catnip or MeowMix? Choose your destiny!
Everyone knows the cigarette comes after the meal, its just the order of things. Meowmix is just the best one out there we even call for it by name, "meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow'meowmeowmeowmeow..." But to offer them (sniff) both at (sniff sniff) same time (sniff) is just...just (whoooah.....ooooOOOOooo... =O.o= =o.O= =O.o= =o.O= =@.@= =@.@= =#.#= =*.*= =Q.Q= .....

Security Cat: "This is the head security cat aboard the USS T'Paw, to all ships in the area, we need imediate assistance. Our crew has been affected by an entoxicating substance, I repeat to all ships..."


..are you happy now, look you what you started? :3

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