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05-30-2013, 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by iceeaglex View Post
So i bought a reskill token, went to a trainer, spend ages re-doing all my skills.
Got it down ok, all numbers matched. Clicked accept.
All skills back to way before.

So i tried it again. Wasted ages redoing all skills.
Hit accept.

Is this a known thing? Anyway to reskill?
Prior to LoR - sometimes, if you didn't first reset all your skills (IE you just did some minor changes between a couple of skills) sometimes it wouldn't take (you'd see an error message and all skills would reset back to what they originally were at.) The only fix was to use the selection to reset your skills and do everything manually again.

If you in fact did do that (had the system reset your skills to zero first) - and your changes didn't take; then yep - that's a new bug that came along with the launch of LoR; and we'll have to wait until they fix it.
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