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# 1 Ambassador Bridge Options
05-31-2013, 01:13 AM
As a Romulan player who didn't buy the Legacy/Starter packs, I had no real choice of ship until reaching the rank of Subcommander and completing 'Temporal Ambassador' with my Starfleet-aligned Romulan; I now had a choice of the Mogai or the Ambassador and since I prefer Engineering BOffs and Consoles to Science ones, I took the Ambassador (gave it an R.R.W. registry and as much green paint as I could get on there.) then I found a slight snag, appearance-wise...

Excluding the STO Starfleet standard bridges of Futuristic, etc. there's two main bridge options for the Ambassador; Classic and Triumph. Classic is TNG Starfleet tans with a rather nice free-standingstatus display behind the tactical console (as seen on the Enterprise-D in "Parallels" and "All Good Things...), but the Triumph is a much more Romulan-appropriate shades of grey color scheme.

With one flaw.

The Triumph bridge lacks the status display that the Classic bridge has. Therefore, I'd like to put forth the motion for a new bridge option for the Ambassador class combining the colors of the Triumph with the Classic's status display.