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05-31-2013, 01:40 AM
Spreadsheet PvE builds hold zero water in PvP because NPCs don't use abilities or counters. It's just a game of adding up numbers to beat the stop clock.

In PvP DHCs outclass beams so hard it isn't even funny. "DPS" is meaningless, as an escort you want to be running at low throttle most of the time anyway so you can front-load your important buffs for just the right moment. Equally skilled healers know when to expect incoming spike which is why the sudden and 'bursty' nature of DHCs is even more valuable.

I tried a game in the lowbie Rom queues last night. The ship had random quest gear and I forgot to slot one of my BOffs. Just through rotating BC and APA + TT I had eighteen kills and three+ times the output of everyone else on the map put together just from DHC burst. The only time I died to the poor beam Mirandas was when one of their friendly Golfballs got a good snare on me.

Yes there are nasty Tac snoozers out there, but for the most part these ships build around their limitations to imitate the escort model. Good in duels or against light-sustain teams though.

vids and guides and stuff

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