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Sounds like they have absolutely no idea what it is we're actually even talking about.

-- Smoov
I think some do not and are console players who are quite used to 3rd person over the shoulder view thats becoming mainstream and a real FPS shooters using mouse and keyboard or heaven forbid good old fashioned behind the head 3rd POV seems alien to them like the over the shoulder controls are to me. Yes I can deal with behind the head because i do not have to worry about my characters position in relation to my camera. I just point my characters head at the target as a big crosshair i cannot see through. Not ideal but good enough.

Truly the best games have the best controls suited to them and this game dropped the best and second best for its setup and just went to bad as default. yeah if you are used to bad control setups then you can do good, but get good control and you can excell. Clearly many think they excell.But then again I have played FPS games for near 20 years and vidoe games for 30+ made plenty of content for quite a few games and can cleary see many errors in STO but.. i dont know what i am talking about i suppose. How about you Smoov?