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05-31-2013, 03:18 AM
Not going to edit because that always gets messed up so another post and not a bump.

If Cryptic and PW want the best RPG for ground? Go with the best to emulate, and NO thats not WOW but Eldar Scrolls and Fallout. The best moneymaker for a new title is an Eldar Scrolls game In RPG land. Yeah it is single player by default but now there is an MMO version. forget WOW forget anything from a console and emulate what Bethesda has done for controls but please please please keep the STO HUD. Bethesda cannot do a HUD thats good lol. tolerable but bad for mouse work. Each Eldar Scroll RPG is a First person Roll Playing Game and the combination just works! combat is FPS if you use arrows, do melee and switch to 3rd person if you feel more comfortable seeing your suroundings. All combat is millions of times better than what was done to STO even if it is repetitive, and STO has way more repeating BS just because of its smaller scale.

As for the space side.. meh i am happy with it but first person view would be good for those that prefer it. I prefer seeing what my ship is doing and play better in third while flying or driving.