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05-31-2013, 05:59 AM
Jolan tru!

The Trivium is recruiting. Are you an outstanding individual who made yourself a shiny new Romulan and you need a place for them? The Trivium just might be the place for you. We don't care about the quality of your gear, gear is easy to get, we care about the person behind the gear. We're looking for people who have a good attitude and want to partcipate. If you need help with a build, we'll help with a build; and on the other side of the coin if you're an experienced player and like to help new players with their builds and answer questions, well we want you too. If you're into PvE, you'll find a lot of us are too. If you're into PvP, we have members that like that as well.

I, personally, feel like we're a tight knit yet diverse group. I had a lot of fun on launch night, not just playing my Romulan, but on Teamspeak; we had a great turn out. If this seems like a fleet you'd like to be a member of then head to and put in application. Be as detailed as you can, and if writing isn't really your thing then fill in the basics and let us know you'd like a Teamspeak interview.