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... But then again I have played FPS games for near 20 years and vidoe games for 30+ made plenty of content for quite a few games and can cleary see many errors in STO but.. i dont know what i am talking about i suppose. How about you Smoov?
Well, I don't do FPS games much to begin with, preferring strategy-based games.

The last FPS games I played a lot were Wolfenstein3D, Doom-II(pre-release), and another one near that era who's name I don't remember. I've dabbled with some others here and there briefly but quickly lost interest. Variations on a same theme for the most part, got bored.

I also tend to lean towards driving games, and drive my friends nuts every time configuring whatever game to give me either driver's seat view or front-bumper view, taking the mocking the whole time with a smile, and later calling them tow trucks from the finish line to go pick them up where they crashed.

I can't say I've ever played any game of this type with an over-the-shoulder view. Above-and-behind the head, and first-person, were always the views I've come across, even in some of the walk-thru's I've seen on youtube.

Any time I see an avatar walking next to me (as in the shoulder-cam view) I think that is one of my team, not me, and it constantly throws me off. I just can't play that way. It isn't intuitive. You can't even choose which shoulder to view from, or adjust how tight or loose to the shoulder you want to view from. You have just the one view, one position, locked in, and if you have to creep around some cover from the left to sneak up on your target, oh well, too bad.

-- Smoov

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