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12-03-2009, 06:24 PM
I dunno ... I found a couple of statements interesting.

In particular, if you take Craig at his word, they didn't even investigate fleet space stations, shipyards or the like. "Its something wed love to investigate post-launch..." So in other words, it was never really on the list and Jack was just blowing smoke up our ....

The other comment that bothers me is; "I think the best feedback weve gotten isnt suggestions for new game systems, but the little tweaks that make the whole game more accessible and easy to get into."

So in other words, they were careful to pick the people who wouldn't criticize their existing systems, and they made sure to get the "less accomplished" players in there that would show they how much more they need to dumb down the game.

Yeah, yeah ... you can blast me for being negative ... I'm just reading what he says.