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05-31-2013, 09:11 AM
Well said, stelakkh.

Although I understand the need for working on back-end problems (server maintenance/improvements) before game-play issues, the fact is, most of this should have been done by now.

They knew there would be an influx of people, it happens with every major episode/release. They should have been prepared for it, but in fact they were less than prepared due to resource drain by NW. Horrible decision, or amateur mistake, take your pick...neither looks favorably on the boys upstairs.

As for the bugs, most of them were reported many weeks ago on Tribble, and obviously ignored to rush the dateline. Perhaps they should have postponed the lockbox and focused a bit more for the may21st content. Not to mention test the migration a little better to catch the many many new bugs that popped up when it was applied to Holodeck. Again, amateurish decision.

Then add on top of that the Mail limit issue, which they tried to sneak in under the radar, and giggled about it later. Not to mention anything else they are sneaking in to the game in these mysterious non-patch patches. Seriously, do you think your customer base are idiots? Did you think for a second we won't find this stuff out? Do you think we will gripe less after the fact than at a pre-enforced notice? No, it makes it worse. The only thing this shows is that A> you have completely ceased in taking player input in making large scale game decisions, and B> you have no grasp on actual gameplay. That much is obvious, and that's a horrible combination to have as a developer.

The Players are telling you what's wrong. Hell, sometimes, they tell you how to fix it.
The Players are ignored, and quite frankly, feeling a bit abused.
The Players are leaving, and spreading the word.
The Star Trek franchise name is being degraded faster by you than Abrams can do it.

And no, another cash grab for something shiny isn't working this time.
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