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Originally Posted by akalexior View Post
Recently, I had a very nice conversation with DDIS. We talked about various things, EPtX changes, power levels, etc. He came up with something for power levels that I think works great. I'm calling it The DDIS Method for escorts.

The DDIS Method

Due to the new changes (power levels begin at 15, warp cores, etc) theres been a myriad of new things into the game since LOR, especially EPtX. In the words of DDIS, "I think the EPtE changes are bigger than LOR!" The game has changed quite a bit. No more weapons overcapping, hard cap of 125. Ouch for escorts.

How does the DDIS Method work? Well, it goes off on one of escorts basic rules, 50 engine power. Before LOR this was 100/25/50/25 for most players. The base guideline for that being more speed -> more bonus defense, more manueverability. The DDIS method throws a wrench into the standard power levels and goes off EPtE changes. EPtE is now more potent and does better, doubling or tripling your speed, upgrading turn rate, for 30 seconds now. In the DDIS method, one can go with 15 engine power. Using either two EPtE, or EPtE + EPtX + 3 damage control Doffs, you can have full uptime of EPtE and its like the power levels dont matter anymore. Engine power wont matter when youre going permanently at 80 impulse.

Warp cores help a bunch too. I use a hyper injection core (+engines) with [sep] (+engines) and [S+E] (7.5% shield power to engines.) I run 90/80/15/15 and can get 125/110/60/40 most of the time. Full EPtE time I get 80 engine power and doubled speed around 80 impulse. With the extra power you save by toning down engine power/ other power, you can put it into other places like aux or shields, making a "cruiscort" with high shield power in the 80 range or a "scivescort" with aux power in the 80s range boosting sci abilities.

The power you get from toning everything down is quite large. I use the 4 presets:
90-15-15-80 (offensive aux) more aux is useful because it boost all my sci captain abilities, different for tac/eng
90-80-15-15 (offensive shields) cruiscort with high shields, better for shield tank
90-15-80-15 (offensive classic) you can actually put in extra engine power if you want
95-35-35-35 (offensive balance) all the stats balanced, good for everything

Ive tested out this method and it works like a charm. Great engine power and somtimes I can get full power across the board. Boosting power levels!

Im aware some people may already do this. Im just formatting what DDIS and I came up with and putting it on a post so others can see
nice post , will you be updating the skill plans ?
also is it true that if your a romulan you get penalties ( drop in power ) if so what skill plan is best to use ?