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05-31-2013, 10:08 PM
I find STO to be quite a bit more graphic card intensive then cpu. And even more so since LOR. Currently i'm using 2 vid cards running at 58% each. That would be 116% of 1 vid card. On Tribble I had to find a way to get SLI to work (which I did btw) as 1 vid card just wasn't up to the task. So with LOR and only 1 vid card people are noticing a degradation in performance.

Whatever change they made, be it textures or whatever needs to be optimized a bit more for single vid card users. This reminds me of WoW. I started that game with an AGP vid card system and I swear I bought a new computer every 1-2 years because their updates made the game completely unplayable. You mentioned swtor so i'll mention that game as well. It's a DX9 only game. Using SLI you get zero improvement in frame rate. STO has better frame rate, less stuttering and you get a performance gain when using SLI. So coding wise STO is a clear winner. That doesn't mean that you can't optimize it a bit more. Most especially menus, as opening a menu drops your fps significantly on ground maps. The stuttering or loading of textures that was introduced with LOR needs to be addressed as well. Mostly noticeable on ground maps as well.

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