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05-31-2013, 10:30 PM
What graphics card are you running? Does it support DX11? Each DX11 version requires that the hardware is able to support it in order for it to work right.

Remember almost all games which are designed to take advantage of the latest version of DirectX automatically fall back to a safe version that is likely to be supported by *everyone*. In this case that is DirectX9 and any GPU made in the last 8 years can run DX9.

When you select DX11 in the advanced options, you are *instructing* the game to run in DX11 mode and there is nothing automatic about it, the game doesn't try DX11 and then say "this is not, right lets fall back to DX9" like other games do. Most games do not give you this ability to make this choice.

I suggest making double sure that your card supports DX11.
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