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Originally Posted by sammaelus View Post
There was a 1st person mode? Useless in mmo anyway.

Please do complain about any of the plethora of bugs that actually hurt gameplay, not this.
Useless? Not really. Just because you are used to playing MMO's where you cannot hotkey everything and aiming is actualy not used does not mean it is useless. infact it is very good to have both. swap to third when micromanaging your BOFF's then to first to aim and shoot while using hotkeys for your very few extra skills.

See in this game you have a kit that gives you 4 skills to use in combat, and you have 4 slots for devices. 8 things you can do besides shoot plus the quick and useless melee attack and swap weapons. Standard FPS has the number keys across the top all set to a different function and many of the letter keys also set. In STO even setting a Boff commands you would have what most FPS games do.

Advantage to actualy making the choice on who you are shooting rather than just clicking the shoot button and letting the computer aim and turn you is when 2 enemies are standing side by side you can target and kill 1 while ignoring the other. The computer will switch back and forth between them each shot because 1 will have more health. This makes it where you are killing 2 enemies at the same time getting shot by both the whole time. Choosing who to shoot yourself you make the same amount of shots to kill both but only have them both shooting back half the time. This means the last half you are getting hit less and losing less health. That makes it easier to move to the next target, could be the differance between getting that last shot off or dieing.

Useless it is not, but your comment was.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
yep, it should be a hot-key toggle
Hot key or like it was with a simple scroll in and out using the wheel when you shut Over the shoulder cam off and went to normal third person. scroll all the way in and go to first person, out and you are back in third. Thats standard for allot of games since the wheel is already configured to camera zoom. So 1 more extra zoom in and you go into FPS mode, zoom out and leave FPS and adjust camera distance. Simple and effective at being able to switch between modes rapidly and highly usefull in RPG games.