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Welcome to Federation Fleet's Main Fleet Thread !

I am Fleet Admiral Darren Wright, based in the UK, However Federation Fleet is currently 40 percent Uk, 40 Percent USA, and 20 Percent everywhere else. And i mean everywhere, Australia, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Canada and a whole host of places.

Have many people looking forward to building our Starbase

We will welcome people from all over that are looking for a fun and friendly fleet that aims to get a lot out of every area of STO! If we can get more people from all areas working around the Clock it would be pretty awesome.

We have a around 418 members. So we have a large group and some of them are the nicest bunch of friendly people, so your game in STO will be great with us.

Our main aims are simply:

1. To have as much fun as humanly and alienly possible in STO
2. To get the most out of all areas of Star Trek Online for our members
3. To be fair and friendly and most of all Act like Starfleet officers.

Federation Fleet Video's

We also welcome allie's from other fleets and people can check out our site here :
<the site is mostly hidden until people are registered to it>

Thanks for checking out Our Fleet thread and we will update it and improve it as it gets going !
If your looking for a good bunch of people to Dock your ship with, consider Federation Fleet
"Welcome To Federation Fleet"
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