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06-01-2013, 07:05 AM
Another game hub? :/

Arc looks nice, but anyway, to use Arc I am forced to re-download all PWE games? I have to delete all PWE games under steam or any international located versions of PWE games to take part of Arc features? Arc have any IP block? Arc have any restriction about countries or any other limitation?


In the arc website, I can't see any answer, any F.A.Q. or a proper document with these questions.

Something terrible with Publisher hubs is how you are "forced" to join to in some point to get access with some features or have to buy ingame cash directly.

Aeria games, Sony, EA, Ubisoft and a lot of other publishers have your own game hubs, but to tell the truth, is hard to see how become pratical without giving any free stuff to the players in dialy basis.

Don't take me wrong, but only steam have enough experience, services and features to make any player to use happily without any complain.

The PWE core portal or even Arc don't have any features with RaiderZ, Crypt games or Rusty Hearts now.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?