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06-01-2013, 09:48 AM
To all of you trekkies out there:
It is my belief tht our game has been hack, that may be one of the reasons that we are having so many problems with the game.While going into PVE I pasted a screen shot for perfect world to see that under names CGE is coming up.Also during fleet event today I did not get the amount of fleet marks that the windows were saying if I was to get 60 fleeet marks I got 30 Fleet marks or none at all.I also watch the same thing happen in PVE borg missions were I did not recive any Dilithium when I should of had 930 Dilithium.I took a snapshot of the screen showing none being refined the NPC saying I recived it and none in the bank.This has occur 6 Times already.Just something to keep in mind with all the sector borg missions that you cannot Hail cammand with after completing.another thing also lose is 900 Zen from my account I am waiting a week for a answer from perfect world.