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Originally Posted by dankcob View Post
Originally when I became a Lifetime Subscriber, it was stated that there would be items that only Lifetime Subscribers could get...every time something new comes out as a 'Lifetime Subscriber' perk, it becomes available for everyone to buy on the CStore within a month or two...I am not a satisfied customer. What happened to all the LTS only perks? What happened to all the promises that LTS's would have all the perks without having to do all the paying for those perks? Seems like another moneygrubbing company trying to take more money than it's worth to have the Romulan setup cost $125.00 for everyone including those of us who gladly forked out $300 for our Lifetime Gold Subscriber memberships in order to enjoy our perks...your entire game has been nothing but lies and promises that were not followed through on. I have no intention of buying these perks or further spending money for things that should be LTS perks.
I can't find the Liberated Borg species for Federation or KDF in the Z-Store. Nor was a bundle to get every Veteran Reward item, even the 1100-Day Reward, available on the Z-Store.

Last time I checked, those were "LTS Perks".

Also, with the Legacy and Starter Packs for Legacy of Romulus, the only "exclusives" that won't be on the Z-Store are the titles. The packs were always only a way to get everything that were going to the Z-Store at a reduced price since they were bundled.

Basically, your argument is invalid.