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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
A bonafide, 5 TAC Guramba would cause a serious s**tstorm in the KDF ranks if that happens. And I mean that in a positive way. When the Fleet shipyard system was introduced, there were alot of pleas for a Fleet Guramba.

The KDF Raptor / Destroyer line used to be quite on par with the Fed equivalents, but the Fleet System and the introduction of the markedly superior Fed Fleet Escorts quickly overshadowed them. KDF Battlecruisers are trying to take up the slack, but it's quite not on the same level as a dedicated Escort. BOPs are out there, but they are terrible for sustained combat. And in certain situations, a BOP's hit & run nature will leave their friends alone as they execute the tactics the ship is designed for.
Another reason the BOP line needs a buff, for such an iconic ship. To be honest I feel the Raptors should have been science orientated tactical ships to give science officers something cool. Science ships with teeth and the BOP's should have been our escorts. But the BOP line is useless now that all a player needs is EPtA and then they can see any cloaked ship from like 30km out. With the BOP such fragile hull there isn't much point even using it anymore, you'll be better with a Raptor or Battlecruiser.

But considering they (BOP) will never be what I want, a Raptor with the correct pivot point would fill this role ideally. The problems I see with the Guramba having the 5th tac slot is a lot of the Federation players complaining due to it having that and the Javelin in one ship. All the rage threads about it being OP, yet the FLeet Defiant has been this way for far too long. I mean they are already complaining about the Romulans being OP, I saw in in both zone chat and my Fed fleet fleet channel a few times.
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