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06-01-2013, 07:04 PM
Why does Cryptic keep doing this to itself? Aside from the numerous problems and bugs, why does it go and create an extremely frustrating CE event just like had before. They pulled it because it was so broken and waited a long time to bring it back.

The did a nice job with CE event a couple of months ago. So now, instead of mildly increasing the difficulty for (normal version) they ramp it up the max. I compared my run previously with this one.

We managed to get it to 50% but pug mates were dying left and right. As we get past that mark the damage done by CE goes up dramatically. I am keeping myself alive as I have a cruiser with all the fixinss ... boffs, miracle workers, etc and all the right traits. Eventually, people get frustrated and start to leave. Eventually, even I run out of my buffs / heals and start dying. At this point it is regenerating much faster than we can damage it.

I give up. 15 minutes gone straight to hell. Normal CE is now much tougher than easier elite STFs. I know because I have done them over ... and over ... and over again. Even with unskilled players it was nowhere near this bad.

Cryptic don't do this again. This is what makes people abandon games.