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06-01-2013, 07:07 PM
I used the alien generator to create a human character whose own misfortunes landed him on Virinat some eight months before the Tal Shiar invaded. According to the backstory I created for the character, she was flying an old Dominion-War surplus runabout (that she purchased from a crooked Ferengi salesman) called the "Lucky Lou" that was ambushed by Nausicaan pirates. The pirates had knocked out her weapons and navigation, so the best she could do was a blind warp to get away from them, which is how she ended up in the Virinat system. She found a Romulan farming colony there, where she made a few friends and ended up staying there and helping the colonists. Of course it did take a while for the Romulans to get used to having a human among them, but by the time the Tal Shiar attack, they Romulans of Virinat colony considered Lorina Lee almost as one of them.