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06-01-2013, 06:34 PM
Quite frankly most of my "best" weren't actually good as far as STF's go (in mission terms). This is because I tend to enjoy them most as a "Trek" battle than a "do this, do that, mission achieved" thing. So, in many the optional was gone, took a lot of time and many people made error after error (I error frequently, too) that made it much more difficult. But so much fun.

Withouth great detail, for instance, I remember one that I got in late. The people there were half-way through. I go full-impulse to get there asap and I see this guy almost destroyed being attacked by a sphere. I rush for him and drop out of impulse between him and the sphere buff him and fire on the sphere, destroying it a few moments after. I bet he could have handled it anyway, but it had a very "Sir, it's the Enterprise" feel from ST First Contact. Loved that moment.