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Originally Posted by kobayashlmaru View Post
My opinion on this is not a popular one. But here goes.

In the early days of the game the dev's stated that they had a preference toward the TOS episodes. TOS uniforms followed a general standardization but allowed their individual starbases, ships, etc. to use their own insignia and presumable their own uniform standard as well. Combine that with the clear "captains discretion" shown on some episodes of TNG, DS9, VOY, Generations, especially when visiting a different command like when Sisko goes to SFA.

Take that along with the uniform transition per the Path to 2409, I don't think it's unheard of that Starfleet would move away from the military-esque standardized uniforms to a more relaxed, non-military, uniform policy as long as it conformed with some sort of general guidelines that Starfleet imposes.

So in other words, individual captains and commands can have their own uniform code.
Agreed. Star Trek has always tried to convey that Starfleet is not a militaristic organization, but a diplomatic one. So having their uniforms continue to be inspired by real life militaries seems to fly in the face of that.