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06-02-2013, 05:05 AM
Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
I've had signatures disabled in options for a long time.

Your obvious arrogance is astounding. Not only towards how you believe Cryptic will bend over backwards to accommodate your irrelevant and illogical "choices", but you also believe your opinion includes the majority. Not to mention your contempt for "trekkies", however misplaced that label is in this case.
Contempt I wouldn't say.

Simply grown very weary of the constant stream of complaints from those I category as ''Trekkies'', no matter what Cryptic does, it's never right to them.

As for what I said, it is a basic rule of MMO's, nothing to do with arrogance, in MMO's people want choice, choice of race, choice of class, customization of every trait of their character, name choice, faction choice, etc. etc. etc.

I honestly don't see what the hissy fits are about in any case, if someone wants to play a Vulcan in the Republic, who the hell are you to decide he can't?

IF Cryptic were to add for example Vulcan as an option, it would be for those who want it, IF enough people want it off course.