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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
Another reason the BOP line needs a buff, for such an iconic ship...

...With the BOP such fragile hull there isn't much point even using it anymore, you'll be better with a Raptor or Battlecruiser.
While I agree that the BoPs could use a bit of a hull buff (not exceeding 27.500 HP on fleet version and maybe a 3rd aft/5th fore weapon), I don't think they're useless. I started off mostly with battlecruisers, but I've been trying out the BoPs these last couple of months and I must admit they have grown on me.

The raider is a immensly fun ship to fly, but it takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to master it and make it work. Sure, in certain situations the BoPs need to be coordinated with other BoPs to fully work, but it's a MMO after all so that's a part of what they are. I still think that all universal Boff stations give a nice edge in what one wants to do.

Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
...The problems I see with the Guramba having the 5th tac slot is a lot of the Federation players complaining due to it having that and the Javelin in one ship. All the rage threads about it being OP, yet the FLeet Defiant has been this way for far too long. I mean they are already complaining about the Romulans being OP, I saw in in both zone chat and my Fed fleet fleet channel a few times.
And the problem is? Feds. will complain about everything and anything, you know that.

Originally Posted by sjokruhlica View Post
The guramba as no cloak. To stay competitive with the Feds and especially now the Romulans, a 5 tac console ship with a cloak is needed. I'd go with a raptor, because like a previous poster said, BoPs are hopelessly outdated. All BoPs would need a third rear weapon , and some more hull strength, to keep up.
Not necessarily. Theirs have cloak, ours would have the Javelin. I see tha Javelin as a trade-off to the cloak.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Fleet Qin Raptor variant
Fleet Somraw Raptor variant
Fleet Tor'khat variant
Fleet Blowfish vessel whose name escapes me.

Or they could make something new like a Ferasin vessel or Leathean, etc.
Well, seen how the Somraw and Qin Raptors already have fleet variants I don't think that they will go down that route with those ships unless they make one of them into a fleet 3-pack, but somehow I really don't see it happening, although I'd like for it to happen.

The Tor'kaht is pretty much fine as it is and I don't think they would touch that either, not that I'd mind it having 5 tac. consoles, that would be a mennace.

The Kar'fi is a candidate and I could definitely go with a Ferasan escort/raptor that has 5 tac. consoles. Or some mean new Klingon design from the 25th century.

Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
I'd put my support down for a Lethean ship, though a science ship for them I'd like to see, we need science ships. Perhaps the Lethean ship would the KDF version of the Vesta while the D5 suggestion being a more standardised Science ship.
I know you didn't meant it like it sounds (maybe it's just me), but I'm just going to say that the KDF doesn't need a version of the Vesta. We need something completely different, not just copy paste from the Fed. model(I'm pretty sure you didn't mean that). No point in having everything the same, gets dull. A Lethean sci.ship model based on electronic warefare would fit the KDF nicely I think.

Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
A Ferasan escort would be good. There is an entire Ferasan fleet out there and so I think it would be hugely popular.
As a member of the mentioned Ferasan fleet, I fully endorse this idea!

Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
I don't know if I see the Guramba getting a 5th tac console, only KDF ship with 5 tac consoles and the Javelin...I just don't see it happening.
Why not? Feds and Roms get 5 tac.console ships with alpha decloak potential, we get one with a Javelin. It's a fair tradeoff in my book.

Then I can just storm in PvP, open all hailing frequencies and say: "All you undari do is cloak, cloak and cloak, but you have no Guramba!!!"

Oh, I'm buying one 5 tac. fleet Guramba yesterday!
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