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06-02-2013, 05:47 AM
yepp... it is hard to do the TRADING CARD GAME thing if you can't do trading...

that unique reward DOffs (from chains / CXP rewards etc.) are Bound to Character makes sense, but everything else?

PS: isn't it funny how they can make them bound, but can't think of a way to upgrade them?

if there is one value 0 / 1 for the binding on/off and more values for the variation of the bind... you'd think there was room in the database to have 1 2 3 4 5 digit value for a DOffs experience-level and a random chance at a critical success to increase the doffs level.... not chaning them from green to blue but giving them a simple level 1 - 5... adding a little bit of crit chance multiplier or something like that.

oh sorry... off topic... yes bind to account should happen more often anyway, DOffs are just one area where it is annoying because it is counter productive to the whole idea of a trading card system.