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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
first off, devs said it requires more DPS than the most elite DPS team can put out. which does not mean it cannot be beaten. it means that either you have to out dps those teams, or should not go for dps at all (have you seen the guys who were shouting sciscisci in this topic, or was it hard to interpret as well?)
You are correct that CE Elite can be beaten. However it currently has not been. Arguing that the possibility exists is ultimately meaningless because the only way to prove it is for that possibility to be realized.

It is entirely possible that a person could lift 7,000 lbs unaided. Until it is verified however that is all it is. A possibility. That goes against verified evidence and experience with how the human body is built and what people have done/observed to be done.

In short, possibilities are to be assumed false until they are confirmed true.

CE Elite is different than CE Normal. CE Normal is much like the CE Event, though a bit more challenging. The Entity stacks it's buffs faster and the reduced damage zone for about 4km around it is new/enlarged. But it is perfectly completable. I have yet to fail CE Normal, even in teams that have stalled at it's lower health stages. (A 1-5% Entity that deals out escort level one-shots being one of them.) I have completed it on characters that were freshly 50 and had exchange-bought Mk IX/X/XI uncommon items with some rare/very rare stuff mixed in.

Those lower health stages of CE Normal are far less intense than CE Elite at high health. My experience in a pug group was getting it to 80% repeatedly. As in, we'd struggle to get it that low and then it would heal back up because we are unable to maintain the damage to overcome it's regeneration.